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Webinar: #Rethink your HCP strategy

March 2022 by Thomas Kofoed

Rethink your HCP strategy

Do you have problems developing a process-specific HCP ELISA? It's time to #rethink your strategy!

With mass spectrometry-based HCP analysis – now available under GMP conditions - you have access within weeks to a method with several advantages:

✔️ High coverage and sensitivity
✔️ It is suitable for Sf9, A549, HEK, E. coli, and Vero cell lines
✔️ You can demonstrate comparability between batches
✔️ It costs a fraction of the developing a process-specific ELISA
✔️ We can set up the method for your process within weeks.

The method is available for full validation following ICH guidelines and is thus appropriate for release tests for phase 3 and commercial production.

With the introduction of MS-based HCP analysis under GMP, you can go from pre-clinical to release test with one robust, flexible, and highly sensitive assay.

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