ESG (Environmental, Social og Governance)

At Alphalyse we seek to create sustainable growth through focus on UN goals 3, 4, 8, 9, and 10.

Our work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals

UN goal no. 3:
Good health & well-being

At Alphalyse, we seek to promote a healthy work environment. This includes a focus on preventing stress, flexible working hours, the opportunity to work from home, and creating healthy office and laboratory environments. We ensure proper disposal of chemicals and actively seek to reduce and recycle waste, e.g., dry ice, and we minimize traveling by car and airplane. We encourage recreational and social activities in the workplace. To ensure continued focus, we have a dedicated Work Health Organization.

UN goal no. 3 at Alphalyse
UN goal no. 4 at Alphalyse

UN goal no. 4:
Quality education

We provide continued professional development and room to use and develop skills for our employees and students. This includes continued education and training for employees, internships and project opportunities for university students, as well as PhD programs. Our goal is to provide long-term career opportunities.

UN goals no. 8 and 9:
Economic growth and Innovation

We actively invest in scientific research in-house and in collaboration with the University of Southern Denmark and other academic institutions. We seek to digitalize repetitive and non-value-creating tasks and take pride in celebrating our achievements. We also play an active part in the regional Life Science Network, seeking to create attractive local jobs and education opportunities.

UN goal no. 8 at Alphalyse

UN goal no. 10:
Reduce inequalities

At Alphalyse, we seek to create a working culture that embraces all and removes obstacles preventing collaboration. We do not tolerate discrimination on gender, race, culture, age, disabilities, etc. To ensure we all respect and understand each other, we actively facilitate team bonding activities.

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