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We aim to provide our clients with the best protein analysis service by providing access to our service-minded team of highly experienced and skilled scientists, hand-picked from leading universities and companies, to cover protein chemistry, mass spectrometry, and bioinformatics. We apply top-of-the-line equipment and are experts in the interpretation of data for biopharmaceutical protein characterization.

team of experts


Thomas Kofoed, co-founder and CEO
Thomas Kofoed, PhD

Co-founder and CEO

Thomas holds a PhD in Organic Chemistry and a BSc in Business Administration. He has 20+ years of management experience in the biotech industry and has set up business relationships with hundreds of biopharmaceutical companies. As CEO of Alphalyse, his main emphasis is putting together a diverse team of highly skilled employees creating an innovative environment focusing on quality and customer needs.

Ejvind Mørtz, co-founder and COO
Ejvind Mørtz, PhD

Co-founder and COO

Ejvind holds a PhD in Protein Chemistry & Molecular Biology. He has more than 20 years of experience in several biotech companies. His background counts the development of protein analysis methods in research & CMC development of protein biologics and business collaboration with CMOs/CROs. He is driving the development and improvement of analysis services for our customers. Ejvind has a Business Executive education from Harvard Business School.

Rikke Raaen Lund, Alphalyse
Rikke Raaen Lund, PhD

Head of Process-Related Impurity Analysis

Rikke has a PhD in Biomedicine. She has broad experience in bioanalytical methods and clinical proteomics after more than ten years of work focusing on protein biomarker analysis, mass spectrometry, and handling large data sets. She is our expert in impurity analysis, i.e., host cell and residual protein analysis, of biopharmaceuticals and heads the development of improved impurity analyses using mass spectrometry, ELISA, and immuno-purification techniques.

Stine Thyssen, Expert on peptide mapping services
Stine Thyssen, PhD

Head of Product Characterization

Stine has a PhD in Health Science. She has a background in biomedicine, redox biology, protein chemistry, and mass spectrometry. She is experienced in LC-MS/MS-based analysis of post-translation modifications, chemo-proteomics, protein, and peptide purification using various chromatographic methods, cell culturing, and extensive dataset analysis. Her primary focus is characterization projects and the development of novel mass spectrometry analyses.

Anette Rasmussen, Head of Customer Service & Administration
Anette Rasmussen, BSc

Head of Customer Service and Administration

Anette has a BSc in Biomedicine. She has extensive protein chemistry and mass spectrometry knowledge, with a particular flair for customer service and laboratory organization. Anette specializes in protein identification workflows, protein digestion, and laboratory robotics – gathered over more than ten years. She is your go-to person for customer support and questions related to sample submissions.

Jette Friis Thirup, Head of Business Development
Jette Friis Thirup

Head of Business Development

Jette holds several degrees in International Business Administration and Marketing Management. She has 20 years of experience in international marketing strategy & execution. She has substantial experience growing international medico and biotech businesses and building online channels in the USA and Europe and has planned multiple worldwide product launches. Jette has also managed several large-scale digitalization implementations.

Project Managers

Freja Andersen, expert on analyzing HCP levels using MS
Freja Andersen, MSc

Freja’s specialties include immunological techniques, protein expression and purification, vaccine development, and protein analysis methods such as ELISA, SDS-page, and HPLC. She has industrial experience with research and production to GMP standards, Quality Control Systems, method validation, and preparation of GMP documentation. At Alphalyse, Freja works as a principal investigator and specializes in setting up GMP-related workflows.

Maša Babović, peptide mapping analysis services
Maša Babović, PhD

For her PhD, Maša developed mass spectrometry methods for therapeutic protein characterization. She has extensive practical experience with process optimization, LC-MS method development, data analysis, intact mass and post-translational modification analysis, and stability and forced degradation studies. At Alphalyse, Maša is a principal investigator, focusing on process optimization and analytical method development.

Janne Skaarup Crawford, BSc in Cell Biology & Biochemistry
Janne Skaarup Crawford, BSc

Janne has comprehensive experience in proteomics, biotechnology, and protein analytics by LC-MS. The experience has been gathered during her 20 years in the biopharmaceutical industry, providing analytical services. She has significant expertise in quantitative LC-MS methods for MRM quantification of specific proteins in bioprocess samples. She is deeply involved in developing host cell and residual protein analyses by mass spectrometry.

Anette Holck Draborg, expert on HCP coverage analysis and ELISA characterization
Anette Holck Draborg, PhD

Anette is highly educated in immunology, virology, and autoimmunity. During her PhD, she focused on systemic autoimmune diseases and method development of immunochemical assays. Her methodological expertise includes ELISA, flow cytometry, cell culture, and various blotting techniques. At Alphalyse, Anette is an expert in immunopurification and ELISA coverage assay projects.

Christina Erika Hagensen, PhD
Christina Erika Hagensen, PhD

During her PhD, Christina explored cellular signaling networks for stem cell and skeletal muscle differentiation. She has extensive practical experience with cell culturing, LC-MS/MS, biological interpretation of large-scale proteomics, and GMP-required quality control. At Alphalyse, Christina works as a principal investigator and specializes in handling custom-designed HCP projects.

Rie Bak Jäpelt, MSc Pharmacy, PhD Analytical Chemistry
Rie Bak Jäpelt, PhD

Rie has worked with the development of quantitative mass spectrometry-based assays for more than ten years. Alphalyse also uses her immense experience with assay qualification and validation from implementing quality protocols and achieving accreditations. Rie has an interdisciplinary background in food science and genetics and expertise from academia, diagnostics, and the pharmaceutical industry.

Solveig Beck Nielsen, expert on residual protein analysis
Solveig Beck Nielsen, PhD

At Alphalyse, Solveig drives new analysis services for host cell protein analysis using ELISA and mass spectrometry. Solveig obtained her PhD with a focus on biopharmaceutical science and molecular medicine. Her background is in the expression and purification of monoclonal antibodies and antibody characterization by immunochemistry methods.

Tine Nielsen, expert on protein quantification
Tine Nielsen, Msc

Tine has experience in LC-MS/MS-based analysis of post-translational modifications, chemical modification (particularly cross-linking), structural characterization, and quality control position with GMP. At Alphalyse, Tine’s focus is MS, intact mass and amino acid analysis, maintenance of the instruments, and developing and optimizing protein and peptide characterization methods.

Marcella Nunes de Melo-Braga
Marcella Nunes de Melo-Braga, PhD

Marcella holds a PhD in protein chemistry and proteomics. She specializes in mass spectrometry-based proteomics, including PTM characterization, target approach, and data analysis. At Alphalyse, Marcella works closely together with clients on analysis projects in the product characterization department, focusing on process optimization and method development.

Melissa Fernard Pedersen, Protein scientist
Melissa Fernard Pedersen, MSc

Melissa has extensive experience with ELISA, immunoprecipitation, and other immunological methods, as well as HPLC and protein characterization. Previously, she has researched biomarker assays for patient diagnostics and has worked with quality management systems for in vitro diagnostic assays as a QA specialist. At Alphalyse, Melissa is a principal investigator in our HCP-ELISA characterization team.

Sai Sindhu Thangaraj,, expert on HCP coverage analysis and ELISA characterization
Sai Sindhu Thangaraj, PhD

Sindhu has an industrial and academic background specializing in mAbs and recombinant proteins, immunology, and vaccinology. Her vast expertise includes protein expression & purification, antibody production & characterization, vaccine formulation & candidate screening, and handling of animal models. Sindhu also masters cell culturing, microsurgery, and the development of ELISAs and multiplex immunoassays.

Katrine Pilely, Project Manager, Alphalyse
Katrine Pilely, PhD

Katrine has an MSc in Biomedicine and a PhD in Immunology. She has extensive experience with immunological methods and mass spectrometry, specializing in analytical method development and optimization. At Alphalyse, Katrine is a project manager on impurity characterization client projects.

Dean Malte Pedersen, expert on analyzing HCP levels using MS
Dean Malte Zisco, MSc

Dean has an academic and industrial background in protein chemistry and mass spectrometry. He has experience analyzing nanoparticle-protein complexes and Host Cell Proteins in drug substances using mass spectrometric approaches and working with GMP and QC systems. At Alphalyse, Dean works as a principal investigator and assists in maintaining the mass spectrometers.

Martine Mørck Taagholt, Project Manager, Alphalyse
Martine Mørck Taagholt, MSc

Martine has an MSc in Biomedicine and academic and industrial research experience, specializing in method development and optimization of mass spectrometry-based protein analyses. At Alphalyse, Martine works as a project manager on ELISA and impurity characterization client projects, with a focus on analysis of cell- and gene therapies.


Flemming Holm Bergholdt, Biomedical Laboratory Scientist
Flemming Holm Bergholdt

Flemming has a broad technical background and 20 years of theoretical and practical experience with clinical genetics and immunology, working with method development and research. He specializes in techniques such as HPLC, PCR, MLPA, Microarray, bacterial/cell-culturing, lentivirus production, cloning, and antibody sequencing. At Alphalyse, he mainly focuses on ELISA, Host Cell Protein, and HCP Coverage analysis projects.

Victor Crone, bioinformatics scientist
Victor Chrone, MSc

Victor has an MSc in Computational Biomedicine with experience in LC-MS/MS-based analysis of post-translational modifications and structural characterization. He has considerable experience with data mining, machine learning, data visualization, and protein chemistry. At Alphalyse, he will be working on developing bioinformatics tools to analyze mass spectrometric data.

Sigurd Frederiksen, MSc in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Sigurd Frederiksen, MSc

Sigurd holds an MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and has a vast background in mass spectrometry and proteomics methods on advanced mass spectrometers. He has acquired extensive knowledge on characterizing single proteins, focusing on MS/MS fragmentation analysis of peptides and posttranslational modifications. At Alphalyse, Sigurd makes sure we utilize the full potential of our instruments and methods.

Line Greve, Biochemical Laboratory Scientist
Line Greve

Line has theoretical as well as 15+ years of practical experience in clinical immunology and molecular biology, with a particular focus on systemic autoimmune diseases and method development of immunochemical assays. At Alphalyse, Line specializes in working with laboratory optimization and validation, as well as immunoassays for protein analysis following GMP standards.

Kasper Wang Kobberholm, Alphalyse
Kasper Wang Kobberholm, Msc

Kasper holds an MSc in Health and Welfare Technology. He has considerable experience in IT project management, digital implementation and transformation, and user competency development in the healthcare sector. Kasper is responsible for Alphalyse’s computerized systems and for implementing automatizations to further optimize data-driven mass spectrometric analyses.

Thanh Ha Nguyen, MSc in Biotechnology
Thanh Ha Nguyen, MSc

Thanh has a university degree in biotechnology, protein chemistry, and mass spectrometry and fifteen years of experience in the analytical characterization of biopharmaceutical proteins and vaccines. Thanh’s primary expertise is detailed protein characterization for sequence verification using a combination of mass spectrometry, Edman sequencing, and amino acid analysis.

Vicki Nautrup Nielsen, Biochemical Laboratory Scientist
Vicki Nautrup Nielsen

Vicki has a broad technical background and more than 20 years of practical experience in clinical immunology and molecular medicine. She specializes in working with laboratory optimization and automation, immunoassays for protein analysis, expression and purification of recombinant proteins and antibodies. In addition, she is familiar with animal models, cell lines, and biopharmaceutical characterization using various chromatographic methods.

Vasileios Tsamis, Bioinformatics Team Manager
Vasileios Tsiamis, PhD

Vasileios has worked extensively with quantitative, statistical, and downstream analysis of MS-based proteomics data through his time in academia. He thrives with large and complex datasets, utilizing various programming languages to extract and evaluate data. He develops tools for us to quickly analyze datasets generated by mass spectrometry and combines data from our many HCP projects.

Client relations and communication

Martin Rask Johansen, Alphalyse
Martin Rask Johansen, MSc

Martin focuses on the collaboration with new and existing biopharmaceutical clients, helping them settle on the proper analysis for their needs, and facilitating contact with our team of experts. He has an MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, specializing in mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics. He also has practical experience with protein analysis, cell biology, immunology, and bioinformatics.

Cecilie Howitz Lautrup-Larsen
Cecilie Hovitz Lautrup-Larsen, MA

Cecilie specializes in information dissemination, digital marketing, and social media communication. Cecilie has a cross-disciplinary education combining BScs in Biomedical Laboratory Science and Medicine with an MA in International Science Communication. Additionally, she has ten years of healthcare and medical research experience. 


Esben Fisker, QA Manager
Esben Fisker, MSc

Esben holds an MSc in Chemistry and as Quality Manager, he is responsible for continuously developing the pharmaceutical quality system at Alphalyse. He has ten years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and brings a diverse skill set in quality assurance, quality control, qualification, validation, and statistical process control. Esben has been one of the main drivers behind obtaining a GMP Authorization for Quality Control of pharmaceutical products at Alphalyse.

Bente Mariann Jensen, QC Lab Manager at Alphalyse
Bente Marianne Jensen, PhD

Bente has an MSc in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biochemistry, and a PhD in Food Chemistry. She has extensive experience as a QC chemist, with a focus on analytical method development and implementation, instrumentation validation and qualification, and optimization of workflows. At Alphalyse, Bente manages Laboratory Quality and also works with MRM analyses under GMP conditions.

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