Strengthening of instrument park for analyzing complex samples

1 December 2022

Today’s labs are challenged to answer more questions from increasingly diverse and complex samples – but how?

For the past couple of weeks, our experts in Analytical Characterization have been busy setting up a new Waters Corporation Acquity HPLC, which will provide even faster mass detection to supplement our LC-MS analysis.

By staying on top of the latest instrumentation technology, Alphalyse can provide the best service possible – even for challengingly diverse and complex samples.

Our solutions include:

  • Analyzing protein intact mass by reversed-phase (RP)-, ion exchange (IEX)-, and size exclusion (SEC)-chromatography coupled online with mass spectrometry
  • Reproducible and fast chromatography with UV detection for quantitative analysis
  • Quantitative peptide mapping by LC-MS/MS
Alphalyse employee Dean is setting up the Waters Acquity HPLC instrument.

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