3 new specialists just joined our team

15 August 2022

To further strengthen our high level of service, expertise, and quality of analysis we now introduce three new Alphalyse colleagues: Vicki Nautrup Nielsen (right), Dean Pedersen (middle), and Cecilie Hovitz Lautrup-Larsen (left).

👩‍🔬Vicki is a familiar face, having worked at Alphalyse in 2020 as a biomedical laboratory scientist. She brings 15 years of laboratory experience from Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark, specializing in purification optimization and protein characterization. Vicki will join our Protein Characterization team and assist with ELISA and HCP analyses.

👨‍🔬Dean recently finished his MSc in Biochemistry and Molecular, writing his master’s thesis on proteomics. Dean joins our HCP team as a protein chemist, principal investigator, and data analyst.

👩‍💼Cecilie has a cross-disciplinary education combining BScs in Biomedical Laboratory Science and Medicine with an MA in Science Communication and brings ten years of experience in healthcare and medical research.
She joins our Marketing team as a communication specialist focused on digital marketing and social media communication.

Fun facts about our new colleagues:

Vicki and Cecilie are both nature lovers. Thus, Vicki lives in the countryside with her family, three horses, five cats, and a dog. Whereas Cecilie competes in dog sports with her Bohemian Shepherd and has achieved several obedience titles.

Dean, on the other hand, is more of a homebody since the outdoors makes him sneeze. 🤧

Three new specialists at Alphalyse. From left to right, Cecilie, Dean and Vicky.

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