Alphalyse and BioGenes collaborate on delivering HCP coverage analysis

February 28 2022

Current guidelines recommend using several orthogonal methods to determine your ELISA’s coverage of host cell protein (HCP).

Now Alphalyse and Biogenes pool our know-how and 20 years of experience in the HCP field for the combined use of our respective methods. We thus offer several HCP coverage methods:

  • LC-MS-based coverage analysis (ELISA-MS™),
  • Immunoaffinity Chromatography IAC combined with LC-MS, and
  • 2D DIGE comparative analysis of spot patterns for HCP Coverage percentage.

You may combine these methods with LC-MS identification and quantification of relevant HCPs for a solid HCP surveillance strategy. The combination creates maximized certainty regarding HCP levels and improved HCP documentation for approval by regulatory entities.

Testimonial Alphalyse

‘The analysis showed that the new ELISA standard made the calibration slope shift, resulting in a misinterpretation of the total amount of HCPs in the drug sample.’

Director QC

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